interbad 2018 - We were there!

Marketplace for competence and know-how

... after the fair is before the fair! And this was a wonderful opportunity for us to present our products professionally and to meet our customers in person.


The exchange and the many discussions have shown us that we are on the right path - and that there are still many great projects ahead of us. In order to meet the many requests as quickly as possible, our sales staff work at full speed and will be as prompt as possible to take care of all concerns - in addition to our hectic daily business, which we do with passion and know-how.


Therefore we ask you a little patience, if your questions are not answered immediately and wish you still sunny days. Lean back - you can count on us!

interbad - all in one!

At interbad, "the concentrated quality and quantity of the entire bathroom industry comes together". Exchanges are indeed important: Accompanying the presentation in the exhibition halls, there are events such as the congress for the bathing, whose conferences and special events provide bundled competence and practical know-how. A fixed program item is now the Spa Market Conference, which offers lectures and workshops on design, efficiency and marketing for wellness facilities.

The expert presentations of the forum creating atmospheres, launched in 2014, deal with issues such as energy saving or operator concepts. Other popular program items are the day of the swimming pool builder or the day of the installer, who provide the craft with the latest insights for the "everyday business".



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