Server ACCESS Engine

ACCESS Engine is the core component of the ACCESS product family. It is the data centre in which all the data is stored. All the relevant system data is saved in ACCESS Engine and most system decisions are made in or supported by ACCESS Engine.

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Synchronisation Service ACCESS ASS

Often the situation arises that an operator cannot manage with a single ACCESS Engine because of an unfavourable network structure. Here ATS takes over the role of data synchroniser between the operator's databases and may also handle the transfer of data between operator and pool.

If, for example, a card with an address and photograph is issued in a facility with a split database structure, then these data transactions have to be transferred to the other servers.

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Till System for Shops & Gastro ACCESS Shop

ACCESS Shop is a POS system for the sale of goods and services (club shops, kiosks, restaurants, bars etc.). It provides cashiers with optimum support by a simple user guidance with touch-interface. Products can be selected and sold very fast.

Predefined standard processes in the system make matters easier and allow the use of temporary staff without extensive training.

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Control System ACCESS Control

ACCESS Control is the application within the ACCESS product family which is responsible for controlling all card readers and terminals. It therefore forms the link between the ACCESS Engine and the individual entrance components.

From controlling turnstiles, doors, card readers to solaria, whirlpools and token dispensing machines etc., ACCESS Control manages these processes quickly and securely.

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