Wirless locking system

Electronic Locker Locks


LOX 300 BASIC is a battery operated locker system for changing room lockers, safety deposit boxes, ski lockers etc. and is the modern alternative to mechanical locks and coin or card operated locks.

The system operates with no mechanical keys. The locker is opened and closed directly using the door with the aid of a touch-free data carrier.

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Mechanical Locker Locks

LOC 300

If cloakroom storage is used by both regular and occasional guests, the combined coin/card operated LOC 300 lock is the ideal solution. The cloakroom locker can be operated using either a card or coins. The guest selects a locker by self-service. Members can operate the lock using their club membership card, non-members insert a coin deposit. The key is released after insertion of the club membership card or a coin.

The locker can be used by several members consecutively since the card is removed after use and thus the locker is available again. Like this, a permanent occupation of the locker is prevented.

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