Universal Reader TRY 400

TRY 400, a compact card checking and reading device, controls and secures access to your „world of leisure“. Its design, which is optimized for high processing speeds, guarantees the secure handling of large volumes of visitors in the shortest possible time.

With access systems, the guest comes into contact first. Long waiting times and complicated handling quickly spoil the good mood. Our systems guarantee a fast and smooth access procedure.

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Return Reader TRE 300

The TRE 300 return module acts as an exit reader. Chip media are inserted and checked. If there is no amount outstanding for consumptions and the guest has opened his locker, the turnstile is released and allows the guest to exit.

The TRE 300 therefore ensures that the chip wristbands find their way back to the entrance desk.
Before leaving the leisure facility, the guest pays all the goods and services used at the machine or the till.

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Coin Return Reader TRC 100

At the entrance the guest receives a chip medium. This data carrier is used as the entrance ticket, wardrobe key and an electronic wallet.

Before leaving the facility the guest pays all his consumptions and services at the cash machine or at the cash desk. The withdrawal reader TTCR 100 controls the walk out barrier. Inserted chip mediums are checked and the turnstile is opened for the exit, when no consumptions are still open and there are no time outs. 

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