Ticket, electronic purse, hotel room key and locker key - all in one medium. With HOBOBAND your guest receives unlimited access to everything you have on offer. Consumption of food and beverages, services used in the wellness area, as well as sunbeds and whirlpools: everything is booked contactlessly without the inconvenience of cash.

The practicality of cashless payment encourages your guest to consume considerably more. HOBOBAND offers a stress free life for customers, freed of keys, cash and responsibilities.

Barcode Ticket TYP A

An important task within visitor management is the issuing of entry authorisations in the form of tickets. There are two key aspects to this: the speed that tickets can be issued and the security of their production. The n-tree system excels in both respects. It takes about 0.7 seconds to issue a barcode ticket in credit card format.

Production security of the tickets is ensured by the sophisticated interaction between the ACCESS Engine and the n-tree-developed operating system for the ticket printer. Of course a ticket printer is prevented from being controlled by the easily hacked Windows printer driver.

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