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Bodensee-Thermal Konstanz

The Bodensee spa sports is situated directly on the banks of the Bodensee outside the city centre of Constance. With its two wings and imposing glass front, the wellness oasis opens itself up to the lake and provides a panoramic view of the Bodensee and the Vorarlberg and Swiss mountains.

The operator of the Bodensee spa and all the other Constance swimming pools is BGK Bädergesellschaft Konstanz, a subsidiary of the Constance municipal authorities. In 2006 n-tree was commissioned by the Constance municipal authorities to provide a combined network solution for three Constance swimming and spa baths. The Bodensee spa at Constance is now integrated into this network.

Future plans for the network could include the incorporation of a city card solution with electronic payment.

AlbThermal Bad Urach

Furthermore the visitors can enjoy the particular convenience of the new n-tree ticketing and access control system. At the entrance desk the visitor receives his personal chip wristband. This wristband is the "key" to the whole spa and sauna world. After the entry the visitor then chooses an empty locker with his HOBOBAND. Information terminals inform the visitor about his locker number, length of stay, account status etc. at all times.

Food and beverages, massages etc. are easily charged onto the HOBOBAND. At the end of his visit, the visitor pays at the exit cash desk for the services he has useed and hands his HOBOBAND to the return reader. After an automated check of the chip medium the exit turnstile is released and the visitor can leave the complex.

Gardacqua - ultimate heaven of well-being

In Garda, a total area of 17,500 m² of exclusive water and wellness paradise is to be found. In the main building there are areas covering approx. 6,000 m² and, for the summer activities, there is an additional 7,000 m² park available for the guests.

n-tree solutions was assigned by the Atzwanger company with the planning and installation of the visitor management system. The client wished for a linked complete solution: cash desk, access control, cloakrooms, gastronomy, gym, beauty etc. - the guest should be able to use all services easy and comfortable with one ticket. These requirements meant that it was essential to choose the n-tree system.

Zoo Schönbrunn

The oldest zoo in the world has added a new service to its modern ticketing system: n-tree and mobilkom austria have now made it possible to purchase day passes via the mobile phone. The service is up and running!

For those who don't want to wait in a queue at the ticket desk for a day pass, they can now buy one easily via SMS. For the very first time we see mobile 2D barcodes in action, which are shown on the mobile phone displays and directly scanned at the turnstiles which have the corresponding n-tree mobile ticket reader installed.

This new service allows visitors even faster and more convenient access to the zoo. Visitors get their entrance ticket for the whole family easily via SMS to their mobile phone - anywhere, anytime. No stress, no queuing, no cash!

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